Direct Resource Management


Our Medical Equipment Buyback Program is designed to assist medical and healthcare organizations in the United States with the deposition and resale of their test, lab, and medical equipment. DRM can help you assess the value of the assets you want to divest, prepare quotes for purchase/resale, provide logistics solutions for the disposition of same, as well offer a full range of Medical Asset Disposition services which address the specific requirements for the healthcare industry.

Medical options:

Increased pressure to integrate patient data, revisions to IDC codes, and increased data security legislation are key drivers impacting the IT landscape for the healthcare industry. These changes often require organizations to invest in more robust hardware to run increasingly sophisticated software, and this increases the pace at which hardware is retired from service and moves into the decommission or disposal process.

IT assets require chain-of-custody controls, close management, and active tracking throughout the end-of-life decommission process to ensure compliance with healthcare data privacy laws. a leader in IT asset disposition for 17+ years, helps Healthcare Systems and Healthcare Insurers manage secure data destruction and asset accountability.


We offer a full range of secure ITAD and lifecycle support services — including onsite data destruction or the option to use our processing centers — tailored to the specific requirements of the healthcare industry.