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Information Technology

As a global leader in IT Asset Disposition (ITAD), we help a broad range of businesses manage the secure destruction of their data with complete asset accountability.  Our global network of ITAD partners offer safe, transparent and certified, tracking and reporting throughout the servicing cycle.

Information Technology options:

As a global leader in IT asset disposition (ITAD) for the past 17 years, we help all types of businesses manage secure data destruction and asset accountability. Our offering includes a global infrastructure, well-established processes and practices, and transparent global tracking and reporting.

Businesses have become increasingly aware of the importance of protecting user data from accidental or malicious access. Whether data is related to employees, clients, or businesses operations, special care is required throughout the product lifecycle to safeguard this information. We ensure that everything is done securely and that your corporate reputation is untarnished as you maintain in-service products and apply data erasure to assets that are being decommissioned.