Direct Resource Management

Financial Institutions

Financial services organizations are required to adhere to strict laws and government regulations related to data privacy and accountability. With that in mind, we provide ITAD services which specifically address those requirements throughout the life cycle process. In addition to onsite destruction/recycling services, we also offer a portal whereby our banking clients can get real time updates on the status of offsite equipment throughout the lifecycle process.

Banking options:

Organizations in the financial services industry are required to navigate strict laws and regulations around data privacy and accountability. The penalties for non-compliance can be substantial. When assets are in service, extreme care is required to safeguard data throughout the product life cycle. When they are removed from service, data must be completely eradicated from the assets.

DRM has been a leader in IT Asset Disposition for 17+ years. We help financial services organizations manage secure data destruction and asset accountability. Onsite processing is one of them. We also provide chain-of-custody services and documentation to prove compliance.