The Quick Guide to Mountain View Corporate Computer Recycling

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The Quick Guide to Mountain View Corporate Computer Recycling

Ask most teams in Silicon Valley what the day-to-day focus of their team is and very few will respond by saying Mountain View corporate computer recycling. However, at Direct Resource Management, we’ve made a name for ourselves as experts in Mountain View corporate computer recycling over the years, which is why we’re proud to bring you this quick guide to help your team get headed in the right direction.

When it comes to corporate IT recycling, we believe in helping teams in the area find success in any way possible, so be sure to give us a call or send us an email if you have any questions as you read on.

Plan out gathering your assets ahead of time

Before you get too far down the path of your corporate computer recycling project, make sure you plan out how you’ll gather the IT assets from staff ahead of time.

For example, many people may need time to get data off of the computers that they use or may take time off during the time you plan to collect the computers. Therefore, it’s best to plan for a window of at least a few weeks to gather the equipment, and possibly longer if there is a large volume of computers.

Working with a professional can yield serious savings

For any corporate team, saving time and money should always be a significant goal to any project, and computer recycling is no exception.

While some people initially think that hiring a professional outside resource sounds expensive, it can actually be very time and cost effective when you consider the alternative.

Corporate computer recycling isn’t a simple DIY project as we’ll explore in the sections below – having an expert like our team at DRM who is up to date on all the latest laws and best practices can prevent lawsuits and time lost if your team has to try to reinvent the wheel from scratch.

Caring for the environment is a practical necessity

Making sure you recycle your computers in an environmentally respectful way isn’t only good for the image of your company, it’s also absolutely necessary to avoid the risk of legal penalty and expensive settlements.

Think it’s a rare occurrence? Several large companies – including some in the Bay Area – have been hit with expensive fines and settlements due to improper disposal of electronic waste, not to mention embarrassing headlines. Spare your company from both by adhering to all pertinent government regulations and guidelines.

Data security is a modern necessity

When it comes to computer recycling, a far-too-often overlooked aspect is data security. Some teams get so focused on recycling the devices themselves that they forget about what the devices were used for – storing and handling data that is often private and sensitive.

The basic delete function on your computer is not enough to guarantee data cannot be recovered in all cases, so you should make sure all data on your computers is destroyed per the standards published by NIST and the Department of Defense. Our team at DRM uses these standards because of their reliability, so we highly suggest you don’t settle on using anything less.

Start sooner rather than later

The longer you wait, the longer those computers sit around with sensitive data that could be exploited or accidentally thrown out into general landfill. Get started sooner rather than later, and partner with a reliable expert like our team at DRM. If you’re ready to get started or simply need more information, please give us a call or send us an email and our friendly team will assist you as quickly as we can.

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