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Old Computer Drop Off

Bring Your Old Computers To Us!

One of the most common electronics recycling needs for households, businesses or other groups is old computer drop off. With the dawn of the internet era, old computer drop off needs have grown exponentially as virtually every office and household is now equipped with a computer that typically gets replaced every few years.

So what can you do with your old computers?
The best option is to simply take your old computers and drop them off to us at our facilities in San Leandro, California. Located in the heart of the San Francisco Bay Area, we’re just a short drive away from cities like Oakland, Hayward, Fremont, Union City and San Mateo. If you’ve got enough old computers lying around that you want to dispose of, we even offer a cost-efficient pickup for individuals or groups who have a large number of old computers to recycle.

Complete Privacy and Eco-Friendly Recycling

Got sensitive or private data? You’ll want to read this part.
Data destruction can be difficult to thoroughly accomplish. Simply deleting files via the old computer’s basic software functions does not guarantee private data can’t be recovered. Whether you’re a company trying to avoid legal liabilities or simply trying to prevent identity theft, we provide 100% absolute data destruction as a certified specialist with stringent policies according to the latest Department of Defense (DOD) standards.

Don’t drop off your old computer somewhere that can’t guarantee your data safety, call us today to find out more about how we can help prevent the sensitive data on your old computer from getting into the wrong hands.

Need more convincing? We’re also eco-friendly and 100% ethical recycling experts.
We offer an eco-friendly computer recycling program and guarantee that our recycling methods are 100% ethical and legal. We never ship your old computers off to overseas landfills in other countries, so you can rest assured knowing your electronic waste will not end up polluting a third-world country. Don’t rack your brain trying to figure out all the rules and regulations to electronic waste recycling – simply drop off your old computer at our facility and let us take care of the rest.

If you’re looking for an old computer drop off solution, there’s nowhere better to turn to than Direct Resource Management. Find out why Silicon Valley companies trust our electronic waste recycling services to safely, ethically dispose of their old computers – call us today or simply drop by our conveniently located headquarters to finally get those old computers off your hands.

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