Must-Know Tips for Oakland Corporate Computer Recycling

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Must-Know Tips for Oakland Corporate Computer Recycling

With a thriving local economy attracting more and more teams to the area, Oakland corporate computer recycling is becoming a highly needed aspect of any local business. To help you solve your Oakland corporate computer recycling needs, our team of IT recycling experts has crafted this set of must-know tips that should be easy for your team to quickly review.

Tip #1: Ensure clear documentation is kept from start to finish

When it comes to corporate computer recycling projects, having clear documentation is a must. While many teams struggle to keep clear documentation of IT equipment that ensures complete coverage of all staff and devices, the recycling process is an important area not to overlook and presents a good opportunity to reexamine your documentation process.

Any time a process like computer recycling triggers the exchange of devices, it’s important to note which team members and computers were involved. If computers become untracked at any point and you can’t prove that they’ve been recycled or recycled in a proper manner, you can quickly end up with headaches or even legal issues if unable to prove you acted responsibly.

Tip #2: Security must be a priority

Along the same lines as documentation, data security should be a top concern for every team during a computer recycling project.

In recent years, we’ve seen more and more big headlines around data breaches affecting all types and sizes of organizations, and your team is not automatically an exception to this trend.

If handled improperly from a data security standpoint, computer recycling projects can lead to serious problems like stolen identities, credit fraud, corporate espionage, and serious litigation and settlements that can cost your team dearly. Reputation damage for both your team and each personal member of the team can also be a real concern.

At Direct Resource Management, we use high standards of data destruction that are recommended by organizations like the Department of Defense and NIST, and we believe that no team should implement anything below these standards to ensure data security for everyone involved.

Tip #3: Environmental protection is a must

Another aspect to computer recycling project that must be handled carefully to avoid costly settlements and reputation damage is environmental protection.

While environmental protection is simply the right thing to aim for, it’s also important to make sure your team is in fully compliance with any applicable federal, state and local laws around electronics recycling.

Computers specifically have metals and chemicals that can be very damaging if allowed to pollute the environment, so it’s important to ensure your recycling process truly takes into account the applicable regulations.

Tip #4: A professional can save time and money

Since most teams don’t handle computer recycling projects themselves, it’s often not worth the time and effort to research all of the most current best practices, legal regulations and methods that should be applied.

Instead, many teams end up saving a lot of time and money by partnering with a professional team like ours at DRM.

If you’re interested in seeing how our team can help you ensure your computer recycling needs are handled quickly and effectively from start to finish, send us an email or give us a call and we’ll be glad to get you the help you need.

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