Important Must-Know Tips for Office Battery Recycling in Emeryville

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Important Must-Know Tips for Office Battery Recycling in Emeryville

One of the most hazardous yet overlooked items in every office are batteries, making office battery recycling in Emeryville a hot topic for many local teams. Knowing how to properly handle office battery recycling in Emeryville is an important responsibility for both protecting your team members and the environment in general.

In addition, the reputation of your organization is at stake, so it’s important to make sure you handle the process correctly. To help your team get up to speed quickly, our battery recycling experts have put together this quick set of tips that should prove useful for just about every office in the area.

Don’t just throw batteries out with regular garbage
It might seem obvious for you, but it’s worth starting off by reiterating that batteries cannot simply be thrown out with the regular garbage. While you may realize this, it’s also important that you make sure your whole team understands this and why it’s important.

Batteries contain hazardous metals and chemicals that can be harmful to humans and nature if allowed to be exposed into the surrounding environment. When batteries are thrown out into general landfills, they can seep these hazardous materials into the surrounding soil and water.

In addition, we’ve seen a number of Bay Area and other organizations hit with very costly fines, lawsuits and settlements in recent years due to improper disposal of e-waste like batteries. It’s important that you protect both the environment and the reputation of your organization and properly dispose of your batteries.

Don’t leave batteries in an unsafe place
Batteries are not as invincible as they may look or seem. While you probably rarely see problems with the batteries you use becoming structurally compromised, it just takes a few simple mistakes to allow for batteries to rupture and leak hazardous materials.

Two of the most common ways that batteries become compromised is by being subjected by too much heat and too much pressure. To avoid exposing batteries to too much heat, make sure they’re kept out of sunlight and away from areas that may have fires or are used for cooking. Additionally, batteries can become corroded by weather, so don’t store batteries outdoors either. While it’s best to just recycle batteries responsibly as quickly as possible, when they’re not in use make sure that you keep them in a cool, dry place where they’re unlikely to be affected by the surroundings.

Don’t just think about the most common batteries
When people think about office batteries, they often think about just AAA, AA and other common types of batteries for small electronics. However, there are a much wider range of batteries including those that power your laptops, mobile devices, tablets and more. All of these batteries contain hazardous materials and need to be handled properly. A lot of our customers choose to work with us because we know how to properly recycle all of these batteries and the devices they’re associated with, so the entire devices can usually be handed over to us along with the batteries to make things convenient.

Don’t leave batteries lying around too long
As previously mentioned, it’s important not to leave batteries lying around too long. The longer you leave them around, the more chance there is that they’ll be accidentally subjected to some unwanted environmental factor like too much heat, pressure or other elements. Instead, create a regular schedule to frequently have your batteries recycled by a professional team like ours at Direct Resource Management.

Want to get your batteries recycled quickly and easily? Give us a call or send us an email and one of our friendly team members will be happy to assist.


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