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How We Make Office Battery Recycling in Sunnyvale Easy

Often an afterthought but extremely important to handle correctly, office battery recycling in Sunnyvale is a mystery to most local teams. As one of the leading experts in office battery recycling in Sunnyvale, we’ve refined the process to make it as easy as possible for teams like yours and have explained some of the key aspects in this blog post.

If you don’t have time to read or want to get started right away, remember that our team of experts is always happy to help and we’re just a simple phone call or email away.

Our drop-off service makes it easy

If you’re got a large volume of batteries that you need recycled, we make it easy to simply load them up and drop off at our facilities in San Leandro.

If dropping off the batteries isn’t convenient, you may want to still give us a call and as we can often help out with our general services. Usually customers who need help with office battery recycling may also need help with our other services like electronics recycling, office waste r, cycling and office waste hauling.

In many cases, our customers may start off thinking about battery recycling and then realize our office waste hauling services can take care of it all!

Types of batteries you should consider gathering up

These days, offices tend to contain all kinds of batteries that are being used by team members of all kinds of backgrounds.

At Direct Resource Management, we can accept all of your batteries, including (and not limited to): alkaline, lithium, lithium primary, rechargeable batteries in general and many more. All sizes are fine as well, beyond common sizes like AAA or AA batteries.

Example devices that use these batteries

If you’re like many offices, you probably have a small stockpile of old batteries that you need to get rid of or devices with batteries in them that are near the end of their useful lifecycle.

So many devices in offices include batteries these days, including phones, mobile phones, tablets, computers, clocks, smoke detectors, computer mice, wireless keyboards, and much more.

If you’re rounding up batteries, take a moment to consider what devices around your office use them and round up any other batteries that may need to be retired so you can take care of as many as possible at one time.

Why it’s important to properly handle old batteries

As most of us know these days, batteries are extremely hazardous if not disposed of properly and should never be placed in general trash, general recycling or compost bins.

The last thing you probably want for your office is to violate some environmental protection regulations, and you probably don’t want to spend time researching every minute detail of every relevant law to ensure compliance.

Finally, it’s generally safer to have these batteries properly disposed of sooner rather than later, to avoid and problems that could occur if they’re left lying around.

Remember that if storing or transporting the batteries (for example, to our facility for drop-off), do not store the batteries under direct sunlight and make sure temperatures are kept below 25 degrees celsius. Also be careful not to subject the batteries to high levels of pressure or expose them to fire, as crushing, cracking open, or melting batteries can release toxic materials.

Go with a pro

Remember, battery recycling isn’t for just any team to handle on their own. At DRM, we specialize in battery and other electronic waste recycling for offices like yours, so we’ve got the professionals and the facilities to handle your needs.

Give us a call or send us an email and we’ll help you out right away!

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