How to Plan for Corporate Recycling and Hauling in Foster City

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How to Plan for Corporate Recycling and Hauling in Foster City

For most companies in the area, planning for corporate recycling and hauling in Foster City may not come naturally. After all, most teams don’t specialize in corporate recycling and hauling in Foster City the way our team does, so experience and familiarity with the process are usually lacking.

To help your team best prepare for an upcoming corporate recycling and hauling project, our team of experts has put together this simple guide to help you plan for your project. If you have any questions as you continue to read, be sure to reach out to us directly by phone or email and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Make sure you gather as much as possible
While your team probably already has a lot of items in mind that you want have recycled and hauled away, take a moment to consider if there are other items or areas of your company that you may not have considered. Taking care of as many items as possible at once will help you maximize efficiency and make the most of any costs associated with the project.

Take a moment to consider teams external from yours. Bulk recycling and hauling projects can often be much more efficient on as large a scale as possible, so many companies prefer to handle such projects across as many teams as possible. If you haven’t yet checked with other teams, it doesn’t take long and they likely have old inventory they need to offload.

Within each team, consider categories. For example, you may be thinking specifically about raw materials or a specific category like batteries or computers, but a useful recycling and hauling company like Direct Resource Management can help you with a wide range of items like laptops, servers, cables, wires, mobile phones, tablets, external drives, and other office equipment.

Taking a quick moment to review the teams and categories of items you could use recycling and hauling for can help you maximize your efforts with just a small amount of additional effort.

Don’t forget about intellectual property and data security
When it comes to recycling and junk hauling for companies and any other type of organization, protecting intellectual property and data security is critical.

When it comes to intellectual property, many of our customers have excess product or prototypes that they need to ensure get processed securely by a professional vendor, so that their competitors or the general market don’t end up receiving leaked materials which can damage market prices and even leak intellectual secrets.

When it comes to data security, many of the office equipment brought to use for recycling and hauling tends to be IT equipment that has some level of sensitive data. For example, computers, laptops, servers and mobile phones almost always contain a huge amount of sensitive information like employee data, private emails, attachments, downloads, customer data, transaction data, tax data, human resources data and more.

At DRM, we’re a popular choice for recycling and hauling because we also specialize in data destruction and destruction of sensitive intellectual property, so you don’t need to worry about any exposures or breaches.

Keep clear records and establish an audit trail
Before your project gets under way, it’s important to keep clear records and establish an audit trail, largely because of the considerations we listed earlier.

A good partner like our team at DRM will help you maintain clear records of what happened to each item that was processed, how it was processed, and where it was processed. So if your organization does have any question arise in the future for any reason, you’ll be prepared with a clear set of documentation.

Ready to get started with your recycling and hauling project? Give us a call or send us an email and we’ll help you get under way right away.

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