How to Make Corporate IT Recycling in Foster City Easy

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How to Make Corporate IT Recycling in Foster City Easy

If you’re like most teams in the area, at some point you’ve come to realize that you need to find a solution for corporate IT recycling in Foster City. These days, every company relies on technology to operate, and corporate IT recycling in Foster City becomes necessary as old technology becomes outdated and needs to be replaced.

To help you find easy solutions to your corporate IT recycling needs, our team of IT recycling experts at Direct Resource Management has put together this quick and simple guide.

Create a clear plan that non-IT coworkers can follow easily
IT recycling is confusing enough, even for many IT workers, so it’s important to make sure your overall corporate team has a clear concept of what it is and what their part in the process is.

It can be irritating to schedule collection of IT devices on a specific day and then have people not show up or end up sick or on vacation, so make sure you plan to give people a window or multiple days where they can be available for you to collect the devices from them.

For some teams, if your inventory is not clearly documented, this can be even more challenging. If you fall into this category, you’ll want to establish a clear inventory if possible to make sure you document what items you’re collecting and processing.

Remember that devices come in a diverse array of forms now
When people think of corporate IT recycling, they often think of just computers and laptops, but these days companies are using a much broader range of devices.

Your IT devices that need to be recycled likely include a wide array of other devices, including tablets, mobile phones, USB drives, external hard drives, solid state drives, flash drives, servers, and much more.

It’s important that you try to round up as much of these items as possible to ensure your IT recycling is comprehensive enough to cover all devices that it needs to take into account.

Incorporate a plan for data sanitization
You absolutely must account for data sanitization in your plan, no matter what.

For the protection of your company and the colleagues you work with, you should not allow any private or proprietary data become exposed during the IT recycling process. The consequences of not eliminating data from devices properly can take the form of expensive lawsuits and settlements due to the sensitivity of data like customer records, employee information, tax and payroll information, secret company information and more.

Take heed of any environmental guidelines that apply
Another costly area to neglect is environmental regulations. We’ve seen several companies in recent years face hefty settlements over accusations that their electronics equipment wasn’t properly recycled or disposed of.

IT equipment often contains harmful chemicals and metals that should not be allowed to seep into the environment, so for the sake of your own health and the community you work in, make sure the IT equipment you’re recycling is handled in an environmentally safe way and not sent off to a third-party landfill.

Partner with a solid full-service professional
IT recycling projects are complex by nature. Several factors must be considered, including environmental protection, sanitization of data and communication to corporate stakeholders. If you’re like most teams in the area, it’s usually cost-effective to partner with a full-service professional team like ours at Direct Resource Management who handles all of these aspects of a corporate IT recycling project.

If you’re interested in moving forward or simply hearing more about how we can help you solve your IT recycling needs, give us a call or send us an email and one of our friendly team members will be happy to assist you.

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