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How to Handle Corporate Grade Palo Alto Data Sanitization

These days, data security is becoming a major area of need for just about every company in the area, leading many to seek help and guidance when it comes to how to handle corporate Palo Alto data sanitization needs. As one of the top options for corporate grade Palo Alto data sanitization, our team at Direct Resource Management has created this quick guide to help you achieve corporate grade levels of data sanitization at your organization.

Data must be sanitized according to professional standards

As most people realize these days, it’s not simply enough to use the basic delete function on your IT equipment to ensure data is fully sanitized.

For example, on traditional hard disk drives, data still exists on the drive after the ‘delete’ function is used in an operating system like Windows or Mac OS, and that data persists until overwritten on that specific physical part of the hard disk. Because of this, any data thief with basic data recovery software can recover data from devices processed in this way.

Instead, it’s important to use professional industry standards like those that our team at DRM uses. We follow best practices put forth by both NIST and the Department of Defense to ensure data is thoroughly sanitized on every device we process and cannot be recovered.

Not all devices are the same and may require different methods

These days, devices are becoming more and more diverse and the methods for sanitizing data on them can become more and more divergent.

The emergence of mobile devices, flash memory, and solid state drives are just a few examples of how technology is constantly evolving.

Not all devices can be processed the same way, and old traditional methods may not always be indisputably effective in all cases.

Make sure that whoever processes your devices for data sanitization knows all of the difference between the various devices you bring to them, and processes them according to any of their distinct needs.

Accurate records are critical for any organization

Because data sanitization projects involve ensuring sensitive data is deleted in a fully thorough way, there are serious legal aspects if an organization cannot prove best practices were followed in the event of a data breach.

Data breaches can happen anywhere within an organization, but if the organization doesn’t know where it occurred initially, questions will likely be asked of every team throughout the organization. These days, this scenario is more of a matter of ‘when’ it will occur rather than ‘if’ it will occur.

When your organization or an outside auditor approaches your team to see if any possible data security gaps existed, having accurate records to point to as an audit trail can go a long way towards reducing time spent and grief experienced, and can really simplify your life.

At DRM, we always keep clear records of the devices we process for data sanitization, when they were processed and who processed them, because we know that every successful data sanitization project requires it.

Establish a standard process moving forward

Not only is it best for you to start data sanitization sooner rather than later to avoid sensitive data from sitting around as a liability, it’s also important to make sure you establish a plan moving forward.

Data sanitization is a recurring necessity that is here to stay for every organization in the modern era, and at DRM we’ve helped work with many of our customers to successfully handle their data sanitization needs on an ongoing basis.
If you’re ready to get started with forming your data sanitization solutions with a partner you can trust, give us a call or send us an email and we’ll help you get off to a strong start right away.

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