How to Correctly Handle Office Battery Recycling in San Jose

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How to Correctly Handle Office Battery Recycling in San Jose

One of the last issues any professional wants to worry about in Silicon Valley is how to handle office battery recycling in San Jose. However, office battery recycling in San Jose can be made quite simple by following just a few best practices.

We know that office battery recycling is a dull issue for most people and they just want their problem to go away quickly but responsibly, so our team of recycling professionals has created this quick guide to get your team pointed in the right direction from the beginning.

Round up as many old batteries as possible
You’ve probably got a bunch of old batteries that you or your team have in mind that really need to be recycled so they stop piling up, but you may want to take a moment to check out other areas of your organization like other teams to see if there are other old batteries around that need to be processed.

Not only will this help take a burden off these other teams, but you’ll also avoid being asked later why the project wasn’t handled across teams in case anyone notices that each team is independently duplicating efforts to handle battery recycling.

If you’re not part of the appropriate team or don’t have the bandwidth for it in your schedule, you can consider going to your IT or operations team to see if you can enlist their help.

Think beyond just basic batteries
Many people think of batteries as AA or AAA batteries, or other common small consumer electronics batteries. However, batteries come in other forms, such as those that power laptops and mobile phones.

Take a moment to see if you have other categories of batteries that you may have overlooked. Batteries of all types are liabilities when left to lie around unused, in terms of the environment, safety and general overhead. All of these types of batteries can and should be recycled.

Make sure batteries are recycled in an environmentally responsible way
After you’ve rounded up your batteries, be sure not to just dump them or hand them off to an irresponsible party who will not handle them properly.

At Direct Resource Management, our team specializes in the recycling of electronics and batteries, so we’re always up to date on all the latest best practices and environmental laws and regulations.

We’ve seen many companies over the years get fined for improper disposal of ewaste, including major companies in the Bay Area, so we strongly suggest you protect your reputation and your bottom line by choosing a team that follows environmentally practices like ours at DRM.

Consider combining the project with other electronics
If you’re recycling batteries in bulk, you might as well also consider old electronics that can also be recycled. If you’ve got a lot of old batteries you don’t need anymore, chances are some of them correspond to some old electronics you don’t need anymore.

By partnering with a one-stop solution like DRM, you can also have all of these electronics conveniently processed along with the batteries. Our team also provides data destruction and clear records of processing so you can ensure data security and accountability throughout the process.

Schedule recurring check-ins
For basically every team these days, old batteries and electronics will inevitably accumulate from time to time, and the need to recycle these items will always arise on a recurring basis.

Try to remember to schedule a recurring plan with your professional recycler, as our team at DRM often does with customers. This will help make sure your team is covered moving forward into the future, so you won’t need to worry about finding solutions again in the future.

If you’re ready to get started or just have a few more questions, give us a call or send us an email and our friendly team will be happy to assist you right away.

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