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Data Destruction

Data Destruction: Protect Your Sensitive Data

Almost every company these days has a large amount of sensitive or private data that requires uncompromisingly thorough data destruction when disposing of electronic devices like computers. Whether it’s client data or employee information, data destruction has to be handled by certified, experienced specialists to prevent you from being held liable when dumping old devices.

Why Data Destruction?

Simple Deletion is Not Enough
Simply using your computer’s basic operating system software to delete files doesn’t guarantee they’re gone. In addition, many people don’t know how to delete data from printers, servers, and other devices. The best way to completely eliminate the risk of reuse or data recovery is to physically destroy it.

Why choose Direct Resource Management?
There’s no one better at data destruction than DRM. We are certified data destruction specialists who have developed a foolproof security program that fully complies with the government standards of the Department of Defense (DOD 5220.22-M) and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST 800.88).

Not only are all of our services administered in fully enclosed, secure facilities monitored by surveillance networks, we also regularly send samples of our processed units to a third party data recovery firm that verifies that it’s impossible for them to extract any data. In addition, all of our security employees have undergone thorough screening for background and drug tests.

In addition, the majority of recycling companies in the United States send electronic waste overseas to landfills in third-world countries. Not only is it ethically questionable to pollute other countries, but this practice can also pose a huge security concern, as data thieves are given easy access to scavenge your data-storing devices. Imagine all of the social security numbers, bank account details, birth dates, passwords, addresses or other data that immediately becomes at risk. Not only is identity theft a concern, but litigation is a very real threat if your company is held accountable for inadequate data destruction.

Finally, for businesses, government organizations or individuals with a large amount of data destruction needs, we’ll drop by your location and pick up high volumes of electronic waste for free.

What types of devices can you perform data destruction for?
We can destroy data stored on all kinds of electronics, but here are some of the most common example devices:

  • Computers and Laptops
  • Tablets
  • Hard Drives
  • Servers
  • Smart Phones
  • Printers, Copiers and Scanners
  • IT Network Equipment

Don’t risk the safety of your data – it’s just not worth it. Call us today and have the peace of mind of knowing that a certified professional took every possible step to completely wipe sensitive data from your devices.

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The Comprehensive Data Security Guide for Corporate Businesses Dealing with Aging Technology

Why Choose DRM

In an era where technology is aging and becoming outdated more and more rapidly all the time, data security is growing equally more important. Data security can be a real headache for many companies, from small businesses to large corporations, but at the end of the day all businesses have the same basic data security need when dealing with aging technology: old electronics must be disposed of or recycled in a way that 100% guarantees the safety of their data.

To help customers like you better understand how to protect data while offloading aging equipment, we’ve put together this comprehensive guide to data security for businesses dealing with their inventory of old electronics. Remember, if you have questions at any point, don’t hesitate to reach out to us with a quick email or phone call – our friendly experts are always happy to get you the information you need.

The Dilemma: How to Get Rid of Old Electronics, but Protect the Data
Every company in the modern technological era has two important, intertwined challenges: aging technology needs to be disposed of, and sensitive data on electronics must be protected. In tandem, these challenges form one of the most difficult dilemmas every company must face. Every company needs to figure out how to offload old electronics while not allowing the sensitive data stored on them to end up in the wrong hands.

To be more specific, each company faces all kinds of liability issues around a wide variety of data, including employee and payroll data, data about clients and customers, tax information, billing information, downloaded documents, private emails, and much more. Imagine the potential lawsuits and identity theft nightmares that could arise from exposing such sensitive data to the wrong individuals.

Why Companies Need a Data Destruction Professional
Combing through it all would be a nightmare, which is why so many companies turn to a professional data destruction specialist like Direct Resource Management to handle the data destruction for them. Just as document shredding companies have long provided document destruction services with an accompanying certificate of destruction, data destruction specialists like DRM provide the modern equivalent for destroying sensitive corporate information.

In addition to having to comb through and find sensitive data, even if a company went into their old electronics and attempted to have employees delete sensitive data, in many cases the data is still recoverable by trained data thieves who can run programs that restore or recover delete sections of data storage devices. Using the basic delete function on a computer is simply enough, which is why DRM uses the highest standards of data destruction set forth by the Department of Defense and National Institute of Standards and Technology.

In other words, data destruction is our specialty, and when you take old electronics to us, we simply go through and wipe everything, end of story. There’s no picking around or amateur data deletion methods involved, just 100% professional elimination of all data, including all sensitive items.

Recent Examples of Data Security Issues in the News
In the past year alone, we’ve seen major corporations including Adobe, eBay, JP Morgan Chase, Target and Home Depot get hacked. Each of these examples ranges from 56 million to 152 million records being exposed to hackers. In other words, data security is a very serious and growing problem in our modern business world. You can check out a comprehensive list of the world’s biggest data breaches here:

While hacks like this are typically done remotely on active databases, the same concept applies to old technology and electronics. A skilled data thief can extract sensitive data from poorly protected old equipment that ends up in the wrong hands. Old servers, computers, laptops, hard drives, flash drives, tablets, mobile phones, and other devices can all be hacked when passed along without proper data security precautions.

If private data exposure like this happens to your company, just as Adobe and Target have faced hordes of angry customers and lawsuits, you’ll likely also find yourself in hot water trying to explain how your data wound up in the wrong hands. And it isn’t only large retailers who are at risk – everyone from eHarmony, the University of California Berkeley, and the Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles has been hacked. Everyone from corporations to government institutions like colleges and public departments must all work to improve data security.

Going Beyond Basic Data Destruction
In addition to data destruction, choosing a professional electronics recycler like DRM affords many other advantages. First a foremost, many companies have thought about trying to resell their old electronics, which are still very useful and do have a large market of potential buyers. The only issue holding most companies back in this scenario is not having a system in place to ensure sensitive data doesn’t get into the wrong hands.

With DRM handling your data destruction, your company is then free to also have us explore resale options where we’ll handle the logistics of reselling your old equipment, and pass on a portion of the revenues back to you so your company can recover value from your assets. In fact, we even cover the transportation logistics, as we’ll send our own staff and vehicles out to your location and remove the electronics from your business location so you won’t have to worry about a single thing.

Some companies prefer complete device destruction, such as manufacturers of proprietary electronics or other products. In these cases, DRM can also break down the device into recyclable components and destroy the sensitive parts, or simply destroy the entire device outright.

Since the Bay Area is filled with innovation and proprietary ideas, we’re experienced professionals when it comes to protecting company secrets and destroying sensitive items, so you can count on us to destroy your data or devices with complete security and professionalism.

Next Steps for Your Corporate Data Security
Ready to get started? By now you’re probably completely clear on the importance of data security when trying to offload old electronics, so if you want to get going on your project or simply have some additional questions that need to be answered, give us a quick email or call and our friendly staff of data security experts will take care of your needs right away.