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Corporate electronics recycling can be a logistical nightmare for any company – data destruction security, complex regulations, different categories of electronics, and ethical accountability are just some of the major headaches that burden a corporation like yours. Trying to do it all yourself would simply be inefficient, so we’re here to take the burden off your shoulders by specializing in covering every corporate electronics recycling service you need. Our industry-leading team of experts will put together a 100% secure, legally safe, and ethical plan that will reduce your overhead and costs, while also bringing money back to you by recovering as much revenue as possible from your old technology. Our passion is electronics recycling – call us today and we’ll take care of all the details every step of the way, so your company can focus on doing what you do best.

Corporate-level clients expect and deserve professional, responsive customer service, which is why we always assign you a dedicated project manager right from the start to answer all of your questions and provide regular status updates for your project. You can rest assured knowing that when you call our office, we’ll always answer your questions immediately when possible, or at latest within the same business day.

Our team of experts knows exactly how to meet each of your recycling needs and boost your bottom line with our full range of solutions:

  • Our Take-Back Program is specially designed for corporations to reduce your recycling costs and maximize savings by having us provide all of the recycling, repackaging and remarketing services
  • Rest assured knowing that we guarantee your corporate data and consumer information is protected with a start-to-finish security program that fully complies with the standards of DOD 5220.22-M and NIST 800.88, using the latest sanitization and data destruction methods
  • Strict security measures ensure that no information can be recovered from any hard drive we process
  • We regularly send processed sample units to a data recovery firm to confirm that data has been wiped to the highest of standards
  • All services are administered in secure, fully enclosed facilities that are monitored through surveillance networks
  • Security employees are all thoroughly screened in background and drug screening tests
  • Ethics are paramount to us – we’re proud to be an ISO 14001 and R2 certified electronics recycler, which means none of your electronics end up in a landfill or illegally exported to another country or become a burden to a third-world country

Our experts have done it all, so you can trust us to cover every angle of your corporate electronics recycling project. We know you’ve got a lot at stake – your money, your reputation, and your peace of mind. Call us today to join the robust portfolio of corporate clients that already trusts us to responsibly and efficiently perform critically important data removal and technology recycling.

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