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Computer Recycling

Computer Recycling Made Fast and Easy

Just about everyone these days relies on technology to keep functioning at a high level, and keeping that technology up to date creates the urgent need to find computer recycling solutions. Computer recycling not only prevents old computers from creating an unwanted stockpile in your home or business, it also ensures proper disposal of hazardous waste by keeping it out of landfills.

Direct Resource Management not only handles this complex process for clients like you, we even offer free pickup for large numbers of computers. In addition, we invite individuals to drop off their old computers at our facilities free of charge. No matter what your computer recycling needs, drop by our offices or call us today to take advantage of our free solutions for your computer recycling needs.

Why Computer Recycling is The Right Thing to Do

Here are some reasons why computer recycling plays a crucial role in our communities and society and is preferable to simply dumping old computers:

  • The raw materials in computers and other electronics are valuable when processed properly, but when mishandled they can become toxins and carcinogens.
  • As technology rapidly advances and prices drop, we as a society are replacing computers at a much faster rate, creating a fast-growing surplus that needs to be properly addressed
  • Tragically, most electronic waste is sent to landfills or incinerated. Our computer recycling guarantees we do not send computers to landfills, which prevents the release of harmful materials such as lead, mercury, or cadmium into the environment.
  • You may not realize it, but typical computers contain a significant amount of lead inside their components. A typical 15-inch monitor can include about 1.5 pounds of lead, and circuit boards also include lead-tin solders.
  • Many companies choose the ethically questionable route of selling e-waste to third-world countries to fill landfills abroad – our recycling program pledges to never use this method that effectively contributes to the pollution of developing nations.
  • Our computer recycling program also ensures that any private data on your computers is permanently destroyed, as we even enlist a third party firm that specializes in data recovery to confirm there is no way for the data to be extracted from our processed devices.
  • Federal, state, and environmental protection laws all encourage environmentally sound disposal of electronics, including computers. As an ISO 14001 and R2 certified electronics recycler, we abide by some of the strictest standards possible.

Whether you’re aiming for an ethical, legal solution to your computer recycling needs or simply want to avoid the headache of trying to go through the process yourself, call us today to have us recycle your old computer for free.

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