Best Practices for San Francisco Data Center Recycling

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Best Practices for San Francisco Data Center Recycling

Not a lot of teams in the area get very excited when it comes to undertaking a San Francisco data center recycling project. Making a San Francisco data center recycling project successful usually requires a lot of experience, training, and well-defined processes to ensure success.
We recognize that not every team in the area specializes in clearing out data centers and recycling the IT equipment inside, so that’s why our team of data center recycling specialists at Direct Resource Management has put together this guide to best practices to help you get pointed in the right direction.

Take inventory and recordkeeping seriously

Far too many teams say they take inventory and recordkeeping seriously, but when it comes to the actual process a lot of gaps usually surface by the time the project is complete.

While we realize it requires a lot of attention to detail and discipline, it’s very important to take recordkeeping and inventory records seriously from the onset.

The last thing you want in your data center recycling project is to have equipment go missing or other questions to arise with no clear audit trail to point to and clear the name of your team and organization.

In every project we take on at DRM, we always make sure there are clear records of equipment processed, when it was processed and who processed it, so we suggest you also ensure this best practice is followed in your project.

Make sure equipment is processed in an environmentally responsible way

Making sure your data center equipment is recycled in an environmentally responsible way is another important best practice to follow.

Data center equipment can contain hazardous chemicals and metals that are extremely harmful to the environment if sent to landfills or otherwise exposed to nature.

In addition, the reputation of your organization is at stake and there are legal implications associated with not handling IT equipment properly during decommissioning, so be sure to have the equipment professionally recycled by a company with high standards for environmental protection like our team at DRM employs.

Ensure data is destroyed to high standards

Data center equipment almost always has sensitive data, whether it be servers, external storage drives, or other equipment.

If your data center has any equipment that could potentially save sensitive data like corporate information, private emails, attachments, tax information, payroll information or just about any other sensitive data, it’s important to ensure each devices is processed to professional standards to ensure all data is fully wiped.

At DRM, we use high standards published by NIST and the Department of Defense, so we strongly encourage you to follow the same or similar standards at the minimum.

Using an outside firm is almost always better

As you’ve probably gathered by now, there are a lot of serious angles to data center recycling that need to be considered for the project to be successful and to avoid serious issues during or after the project.

Since the process is quite complex, it’s almost always best to use an outside firm like our team at DRM to handle the entire process from start to finish. At DRM, we specialize in being the fully comprehensive solution for teams like yours, as we stay up to date on all the latest legal requirements and best practices so you don’t need to. Few teams need to perform data center recycling on a frequent basis, so we’ve stepped in to be the specialists who have perfected the process in a way that is cost-effective for teams throughout San Francisco and the greater Bay Area region.

If you’re ready to start your data center recycling process or simply have more questions you’d like to ask, please give us a call or send us an email and our friendly staff will help you out right away.

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