A Quick Guide to Corporate Recycling and Hauling in San Mateo

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A Quick Guide to Corporate Recycling and Hauling in San Mateo

Whether your office is going through a major move or simply has too much unwanted equipment and materials, having a well-designed plan for corporate recycling and hauling in San Mateo can make a huge difference. Since our team has been successfully providing services for corporate recycling and hauling in San Mateo over many years, our experts have decided to put together this quick guide to help teams like yours find success and maximize the effectiveness of your projects.

Why is corporate recycling and hauling so necessary?
If your team is like many in the area, you may be wondering if it’s really necessary to execute a corporate recycling and hauling project, rather than simply disposing of items via basic garbage removal services.

For most teams, the answer is simply volume. Most teams realize that the items they need to offload are too large in volume and would take a long time for garbage removal services to process. Most times do not have such time to spare, especially if undergoing a major office move or renovation. In addition, many items are too bulky for traditional garbage removal services to handle, and will be refused by waste management teams.

Finally, it’s important to consider environmental impact. Electronics like computers, batteries, and other equipment must be disposed of properly and responsibly, to ensure that chemicals and harmful metals aren’t exposed to the environment via general landfill.

The best route is to find a qualified professional
The reasons above also lead most teams to realize that the best option for clearing out office equipment is to partner with a well-qualified professional.

When sourcing professional help for your corporate recycling and hauling project, there are several aspects to consider in determining the level of qualification for the vendor. At Direct Resource Management, we’ve established and strive to maintain a high level of qualifications, so we strongly recommend applying the same level of expectations to your project.

First, make sure the vendor you choose is professionally trained and adept in electronics recycling. These days, office equipment is largely electronic devices, including computers, laptops, mobile phones, servers, switches, routers, hard drives and more. Make sure the recycler you choose knows how to handle electronics recycling in an ethical and legally compliant way. Failing to comply with laws and regulations can lead to costly fines and lawsuits, so make sure the job gets done correctly to avoid future headaches.

Next, make sure the vendor you choose is also professionally experienced in data destruction, as our team at DRM is. At DRM, every piece of office equipment brought to us is examined for data storage capabilities, and any electronic device that can possibly store sensitive data like emails, attachments, private files, employee data, customer data, and other forms of sensitive data are completely sanitized during the early stages of the recycling process. Failing to choose a vendor qualified in data destruction puts your team needlessly at risk, so be sure to check this aspect carefully when vetting vendors.

Act sooner rather than later
When it comes to corporate recycling and hauling projects, acting sooner is better than acting later. Unnecessary office equipment laying around may put your team at risk for sensitive data theft, and is simply a waste of office space that you’re ultimately paying for. It’s important to monetize the office space you’re paying for, rather than let it be occupied by equipment that also poses a liability.

If you’re ready to get started, give us a call or send us an email and we’ll be happy to get you started with your project, with our professional team ready to advise you.


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