5 Ways to Quickly Tackle Your Mountain View Data Sanitization Needs

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5 Ways to Quickly Tackle Your Mountain View Data Sanitization Needs

In our current era it seems that data security is becoming increasingly focal to our everyday life and business operations, leading many teams in the area to seek out Maintain View data sanitization services when decommissioning IT equipment. As a leading expert in Mountain View data sanitization, our team of data destruction experts at Direct Resource Management has put together this quick set of 5 ways your team can quickly tackle your data sanitization needs.

1. Plan ahead to collect devices in an efficient way
It’s a real pain for some teams to collect devices from employees, so it’s important to plan ahead as much as possible to mitigate the stress of people not showing up to work on particular days or forgetting devices at home.

Make sure you communicate with team members early and often, and make sure you provide them with a few options for days when they can turn in their equipment.

Since you’ll likely need to round up the equipment on various days, you should plan on a schedule over several weeks rather than a single point in time, to account for people who are sick, on vacation, or just don’t have the devices for whatever reason.

Remember that it’s important to log all of this in your IT equipment inventory. If you don’t have one, try to do your best to establish some record as you go.

2. Make sure you consider the full range of devices that have data to sanitize
When it comes to data sanitization, the days of just collecting desktop computers is long gone.

Nowadays all kinds of devices need to be considered for data sanitization. Laptops, tablets and mobile phones are just the beginning. Most teams find that they also need to consider external hard drives, flash drives, USB drives, servers, and more.

In addition, technology is becoming more complicated. Data sanitization methods that were once used for hard disk drives for example don’t always work for solid state drives.

It’s important to make sure you consider all of the possible devices that store data within your company, and round up the ones that need to be wiped or decommissioned, without leaving out any devices.

3. Use a professional to ensure all data is sanitized thoroughly
Due to the range of devices and the increasing complexity behind modern data sanitization, we strongly suggest using a professional data sanitization specialist like our team at Direct Resource Management.

At DRM, we routinely complete data sanitization projects for corporate clients and we’ve been doing so for years. We’ve mastered the process and created a standardized set of guidelines for completing data sanitization projects successfully.

In addition, because data sanitization is one of the key focuses of our work and our success as a company, we’re always staying up to date on the latest data storage technologies and data sanitization processes. We always use industry-leading methodologies and standards when sanitizing data.

4. Keep clear records in case of an audit
While most people don’t think about the future and possible audits of their data history, these events do occur and are very important to be well-prepared for when they do take place.

Using a professional data sanitization expert can also help you prepare for such audits and avoid costly legal expenses or doubt from your company internally if a data breach occurs and people start asking you about the IT equipment you processed. At DRM, we can help provide records of devices processed to help you prepare for audits.

5. Set up a recurring plan
While you may solve your data sanitization needs today with the above steps, it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll accumulate devices that need data sanitization on an ongoing basis as IT equipment ages and needs to be retired. Be sure to set up a recurring plan to regularly implement the above steps on an ongoing basis, so you reduce the chances of a data breach due inactivity.

If you’re ready to get started with your data sanitization project or simply need a few more questions answered, don’t hesitate to call us or send us an email and one of our friendly experts will help you out right away.

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