5-Step Plan for Palo Alto Corporate Computer Recycling

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5-Step Plan for Palo Alto Corporate Computer Recycling

In the innovation hotbed that our region has become, technology powers virtually every company in the area, leading just about every company to eventually need help with Palo Alto corporate computer recycling services. To help ensure teams like yours get the solutions you need, our team of Palo Alto corporate computer recycling experts has crafted this simple five-step plan that your team can use to ensure success.

First, communicate early and often
Remember, your team members are busy folks with a lot on their plates both at work and in life in general.

Make sure you communicate the date or dates that you plan to collect the computers well ahead of time to give them time to prepare.

Make sure there are replacement computers, laptops or other devices ready for them to use if they need a replacement devices.

We also strongly suggest that you plan to collect computers over several days rather than just one day – people often say they can’t quite part with the computer yet when you arrive at their desk, due to files they need or any other reason. It’s good to have a few backup dates in place before your plan says you should move on to the recycling phase.

Second, make sure data is fully sanitized
These days, data sanitization is a must as companies have faced stiff lawsuits and legal battles over data leaks where private data becomes exposed to unintended parties.

Your work computers almost certainly contain such sensitive data worthy of lawsuits in the event of exposure, including data like tax records, employee information, customer data, business partner data, and much more.

It’s important that you ensure data is destroyed to the fullest extent possible based on modern industry-leading standards like the ones we use at Direct Resource Management. We strongly recommend against using DIY data deletion software, which may not always be 100% effective across all computers and implementations.

Third, find a respected professional to work with
Because data destruction and environmental regulations present such a big challenge for most teams to keep up to date with, it’s often best to partner with a professional team who specializes in computer recycling, like our team at Direct Resource Management.

A team like yours likely doesn’t recycle computers on your own on a regular basis, so trying to navigate your way through the legal regulations and best practices usually ends up becoming a nightmare that slows down productivity.

Instead, customers who turn to us are pleased to find that we always keep up to date with important regional, state and federal environmental guidelines and always destroy data with modern standards published by organizations like the Department of Defense and NIST. Because we’ve recycled huge volumes of computers for countless corporate customers in the Bay Area, we also have an efficient, streamlined process established.

The bottom line is, using a team like ours can save your team both time and money in the long run.

Fourth, keep clear records
As you’ve probably realized by now, legal compliance is an important aspect of corporate computer recycling projects, and it’s important to keep a clear record of all computers that are recycled and what process was followed during the recycling.

When some legal issue or data leak arises, companies often look internally to search for gaps. Even if your team isn’t responsible for a data leak, not having clear records can look bad.

Fifth, set up a plan moving forward
Just about every company these days will have recurring needs for computer recycling and IT recycling in general as equipment phases in and out. Rather than let the problem build up and try to tackle it at the last minute every time, it’s best to establish a routine to check and properly recycle IT equipment as it becomes outdated.

If you’re ready to put a solution in place for your corporate computer recycling needs, give us a call or send us an email today and we’ll be happy to help you out right away.

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