5 Simple Tips for Office Battery Recycling in Mountain View

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5 Simple Tips for Office Battery Recycling in Mountain View

A pesky problem for many teams in Silicon Valley, office battery recycling in Mountain View can at first seem both annoying and a unnecessary use of time. However, office battery recycling in Mountain View can actually be quite easy when your team is armed with some basic information. To help, our team of professional recyclers has created these 5 simple tips to help you get up to speed quickly.

Tip 1: Yes, you really should not just dump batteries in general trash
For any teams on the fence about whether or not batteries are truly worth the effort to recycle, you should immediately explain to every team member that batteries are highly damaging to the environment and potentially our communities when disposed of improperly.

In the entire state of California, all batteries are considered hazardous waste when they are discarded. The state requires that all batteries be recycled, whether they’re the batteries powering your laptop, phone, or smaller batteries like AA, AAA, C, D, 9 volt, and so forth. All batteries must be recycled without exception, and all pose a hazardous risk when disposed of improperly. Batteries contain harmful metals and chemicals like corrosives that damage the environment when not recycled properly.

Tip 2: Don’t let batteries sit around unaddressed
Because batteries are so potentially harmful, leaving them sitting around is a hazard to everyone on your team. Batteries subjected to extreme heat, sunlight, or pressure can rupture and release harmful materials where you team operates. When left outside, exposure to the elements can also lead batteries to wear and corrode in ways that can allow the harmful contents to be exposed.

Tip 3: Be efficient in gathering spent batteries
Team members may come to you with spent batteries here and there, but chances are there other team members who have unwanted batteries lying around but have been too busy to proactively address the batteries if it’s unrelated to their core job duties.

When planning a battery recycling project, make sure you announce it to as many team members as possible and repeatedly. Go around your workspace and check in with people and their work environment to see if there are batteries you can collect. By rounding up as many batteries as possible in sweeps, you can reduce the number of times you need to form a batch for recycling.

Tip 4: Establish an ongoing program
Performing a battery recycling process once is great, but batteries won’t suddenly cease to proliferate after that. Batteries are an ongoing equipment concern that must be addressed on an ongoing basis, so it’s useful for your team to establish an ongoing program. Mark recurring dates on the calendar for battery collection, and make sure everyone is aware of why battery recycling is important for all of our safety and the protection of the environment.

Tip 5: Choose the right vendor
When you’re ready to have the batteries recycled, be sure to choose the right vendor to work with. Don’t just choose any waste disposal vendor, choose a professional recycling team that is well-versed in battery recycling, like our team at Direct Resource Management. Simply give us a call or send us a quick email and our team of experts will help you get your batteries professionally and responsibly recycled right away.


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