4 Ways San Mateo Corporate Laptop Recycling Can be Made Simple

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4 Ways San Mateo Corporate Laptop Recycling Can be Made Simple

As the modern workforce becomes increasingly mobile these days, almost every employee at companies in the area seem to have laptops, leading many companies to need help with San Mateo corporate laptop recycling as old devices need to be retired. As one of the most experience San Mateo corporate laptop recycling teams in the area, our experts at Direct Resource Management wanted to help share our knowledge with our neighbors like you to help ensure you get pointed in the right direction.

Plan for people to drag their feet
At just about every company, there’s always one or several team members per team who end up dragging their feet or falling through on planned activities.

When it comes to trying to recycle laptops, this phenomenon has no exceptions.

As you prepare to collect laptops from your team, you should make sure you avoid planning to collect everything on one day – otherwise you’re likely to be disappointed by people who suddenly end up sick or on vacation or simply forgot to bring their laptops on the agreed day.

Instead, you should plan for some team members to drag their feet. Plan to designate several days as days when you’ll check in with team members, so that if one or two days falls through, you’ll still have backup options and your plan will still give you ample time to collect the laptops before you’re expected to initiate the recycling phase.

You may even want to consider enlisting light penalties or rewards to encourage people to turn in their laptops. Usually people seem to respond better to rewards if you choose to pursue such a motivational strategy.

Make sure you consider environmental protection regulations
It seems that environmental protection regulations are becoming more and more advanced over the years.

Lately, we’ve seen several companies penalized and forced to settle expensive legal cases where they’re been accused of improper disposal of electronic equipment in recent years.

Make sure you don’t become the person blamed for such monetary penalties by ensuring your laptops are recycled in a way that complies with all applicable environmental regulations. Be sure to research your local region, state, and federal regulations as well as any internal corporate policies, to make sure you’re in compliance.

Ensure data is sanitized on all laptops with no exceptions
When it comes to laptop recycling, far too many teams act hastily and forget to consider the need to sanitize all data in a secure and thorough manner.

Your laptops likely contain an extremely high volume of sensitive data that simply cannot be exposed to the wrong viewer. For example, payroll information, private employee data, customer data, business partner data, corporate proprietary secrets, and other data all need to be protected, and the consequences of failing to properly restrict access to such data can be disastrous.

Find an experienced professional to partner with
As you’ve probably realized by now, laptop recycling project seem simple but quickly turn into a complex logistical challenge for most teams in the area, especially since most teams aren’t running this process on a frequent basis.

Because of the immense challenge to inexperienced teams who aren’t laptop recyclers by trade, it’s usually best to partner with an expert team like ours at Direct Resource Management. By doing so, most of our clients enjoy savings in both time and costs as their team members don’t need to try to cover everything on their own.

At DRM, we regularly watch all developments in the IT recycling and data destruction world, so we’re up to speed on all the latest best practices and environmental regulations. In addition, we help companies in the Bay Area with laptop recycling so frequently that we’ve refined our process to be as solid as possible based on our years of experience and repetition.

If you’re ready to get started with your laptop recycling project or want to talk more about how our team can help you, give us a call or send us an email and one of our friendly laptop recycling experts will be happy to help you out.

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