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Waste Prevention, Electronics Recycling, IT Asset Disposition and Secure Data Destruction

At Direct Resource Management, waste prevention, electronics recycling, IT asset disposition, and secure data destruction are our passion. Whether you’re a corporate, small business, government or residential client, it’s almost impossible to expect you to know all the ins and outs of waste prevention and electronics recycling when you’ve got more important goals to worry about. As specialists who take pride in knowing every detail of the process, our mission is to provide you with waste prevention, electronics recycling, IT asset disposition, and secure data destruction services to the highest standard of security, ethics and cost-efficiency possible. We’re here to take care of the entire recycling process so you can stay on track and focus on what you do best.

See why our portfolio of satisfied clients keeps growing – call us today to set up a consultation and we’ll put together a plan specific to your industry or company. No matter what your needs are, our well-established system can cover them all, including services like:

Waste Prevention Management

  • Both source reduction and reuse are waste management techniques for the non- production or unmaking of waste. In other words, waste reduction of this type can be defined as the reduction, avoidance or elimination of the generation of solid wastes. Since source reduction and reuse both result in the prevention of waste in the first place, the amount of waste which must composted, recycled, landfilled, etc. is reduced. Waste reduction of this type should be given the highest priority in solid waste management plans, because it reduces the demand placed on the management system.

Responsible Electronics Recycling

  • We’re certified for your peace of mind. As an ISO 14001 and R2 certified electronics recycler, you can rest assured knowing your old technology won’t end up in landfills or simply sent off to another country or offloaded on a third-world country.
  • We do it efficiently. By having us handle the entire electronics recycling process, you can reduce your overhead and save on costs.

IT Asset Disposition

  • Get paid for your old technology. We’ll help boost your bottom line by bringing back as much revenue in return for the IT assets you’re recycling.
  • We offer a complete turn-key solution, by managing the whole IT asset disposition process, including logistics for disposal and remarketing, pick-up, transportation, data destruction, recycling, compliance and certification.

Secure Data Destruction

  • Security is crucial. We 100% guarantee your sensitive proprietary data and consumer information will be permanently removed from storage devices. We even send sample spot checks to a specialist third party data recovery firm to ensure data has been irreversibly wiped.
  • We fully comply with industry-specific regulations, like the standards of DOD 52220.22-M and NIST 800.88, using the latest sanitization and data destruction methods.

No matter what your needs, our team has seen it all and can get started immediately to find the custom solution you need. Reduce risks by entrusting us to complete your project as efficiently and ethically as possible. Contact us today to get a personal project manager assigned to you and to learn more about how we can take care of your electronics recycling needs.

Scanners, Faxes, Printers, Paper Shredders and more
Hard Drives, Circuit Boards, Power Supplies, CPUs and more
Laptops, Desktops and more
Electronics, Phones, Stereo Equipment, Modems and much more

What Clients Say on Yelp

The DRM team are very professional. They respond the request quickly, and make pickups on time. The company provided paperwork and certificates within a few days after the pick-up. Since we used DRM in year 2012, all transactions are smooth.
Ed S., Milpitas, CA
The team came to pickup was very professional. The company destructed the data and provided certificate within a couple of days. Very smooth transaction. I will use them again for sure.
Charles C., Belmont, CA
My company had a fair amount of old electronics (servers, laptops, copiers, etc) that we needed to get rid of. I called DRM and they had someone out within a few days to haul it all away free of charge, and they even found buyers for a couple of the servers! I would definitely recommend DRM for any of your Ewaste disposal needs.
Jeff S., Dublin, CA
Great service, fast and helpful. Highly recommend.
Rob M., Pittsburgh, PA

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